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United states [iGlobal] 24/7 Surf Ski 2 | No Spread [!WS/!KNIFE/!GLOVES/!SHOP]
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 19/30 Players
Map surf_ski_2_source, 07:17:21 hours
Updated 20. Jan 2018 02:09:43
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states DedInc. QbaLleR6:300:12:5971,007-
2United states jmaniack2:200:06:4521,058-
3United states I love iGlobal1:103:06:29781,227-
4Mexico FenixCHL Angel Dante_ZXN0:000:01:38-1,390-
5United states ALonelyMuffin0:001:11:5611,001135,129
6United states ิshit ikari0:000:02:00-1,494-
7United states Ren0:100:14:00193,662-
8United states Joe Budden0:101:12:4111,001-
9United states [iG] Surf Vincent0:000:21:05192,778-
1United states Kings_Comp(Cunt)3:000:15:3761,166-
2United states [iG] Surf Strand2:200:20:30101,616-
3United states unit 2017 IM LUCKY ASFFFF1:202:09:48441,079-
4United states no cars for me0:200:19:4121,011-
5United states Dr3am0:301:03:18101,012-
6United states DR3M Toast0:202:26:0891,016-
7Canada s؜o SpaK KinG0:000:03:42-1,013-
8United states .badSurf 'kel_0:200:13:5012,628-
9United states Mike | Music On0:000:11:3111,153-
10United states Suicidal ŁĐŴŦŁ0:000:23:5591,359-
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