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United states Day Care | 2FORT | FAST | NO ADS
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 25/25 Players
Map ctf_2fort ctf_2fort, 11:36:57 hours
Updated 23. Mar 2019 01:37:45
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states -HA-6:603:15:583126,9399,608
2United states MrDexil5:200:15:1249120,3752,663
3Canada Anchary4:300:18:03295,22117,576
4United states golgotha4:300:16:26551,41440,659
5Canada MichaelGameplayer20143:001:16:2847919,8175,974
6United kingdom 『SCP-096-EB』3:000:19:201730,5558,432
7United states Snw2:201:04:174912,4707,975
8United states Grimm1:100:01:52-27,714-
9Peru pichirilo2130:900:46:56-93283,542
10Canada Jacky_Minou0:000:21:191371,13539,035
11United states Murican Weirdo0:000:04:04-8,48925,747
12United states Hudson the JoJo0:000:34:49314,03611,106
 Team Blue28:2608:34:44-25,758-
1United states BiggieCheese4:201:06:116501,65011,795
2United states Johnny Neutron2:200:04:53172,986-
3United states sad yeehaw1:000:10:223565,4052,483
4United states "The Phantom"1:101:10:5923365,0141,090
5Guatemala Blues1:200:23:395769,7424,781
6Canada Storm0:301:46:484471,29518,207
7United states JackieBoi0:300:03:48-972-
8United states GamesPhobic0:200:46:023139,9586,934
9United kingdom anomalousWanderer0:301:34:56-3,70061,279
10United states pound cake0:000:24:103214,4034,286
11United states Luciley <30:000:07:0751,06420,361
12United states Disconeer0:100:07:091793,1088,254
 Team Red9:1907:46:04-19,941-
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