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United states -[]- |24/7 Idle/Trade #1| [RTD/BP]
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 22/32 Players
Map achievement_idle_awesomebox8f2, 10:19:58 hours
Updated 19. Jan 2018 08:19:30
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Brunei darussalam Bobby8:200:50:3018115,032-
2Canada John Dex4:200:10:36196,198-
3United states 🔥▒SHAQ▒🔥2:002:31:155262,621-
4Canada Derpachu™2:404:19:37-945-
5United states -ITF- Ares[Gen]-dods0:001:46:16-2,926-
6United states Enoch0:103:56:22-1,049-
7United states Swamp0:001:54:452966,017-
8Canada Diplexsword470:000:08:10491,775-
9United states Flame.wolf0:000:39:03571,554-
10United states ☭Kapkan☭0:100:57:03-4,886-
11Venezuela Jay0:603:19:05-654-
 Team Blue16:1620:32:42-3,969-
1United states Zack821025:202:58:1314631,464-
2Argentina Skotch2:100:18:57-23,401-
3Poland antoni.narozny2:200:03:29421,845-
4United states Bot081:201:25:56-6,156-
5United states PizzaMan1191:400:41:42-2,090-
6United states Kiiittt1:000:44:228526,890-
7United states Chantacleer0:204:09:02-1-
8United states Bueller20:000:06:502920,818-
9United states Zachman160:101:07:13-955-
10United states Droopy Collarbone0:101:20:09-7,399-
11Turkey overtime pyro0:000:03:01-1,000-
 Team Red12:1512:58:54-8,365-
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