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United states -[]- |24/7 Freak Fortress #1| [Amp/Crits/RTD]
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map vsh_towertop_final, 00:27:06 hours
Updated 17. Feb 2019 00:55:45
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states ----8:000:20:2965362,095-
 Team Blue8:000:20:29-362,095-
1United states Frosty Cookie1:100:14:331627,22353,313
2Brazil SIMPLE FOOD0:001:30:4155716,2715,983
3United states Fu fu fu0:000:28:06211,307-
4Canada Xamad0:200:12:315101,225-
5United states Jesus's Lawyer0:000:16:0742324,690-
6United states bigdaddysavatar @pool0:001:00:42276312,719-
7Canada Yunaan0:000:52:146512,132-
8United states dankerforthesebaves190:200:17:3951,025-
9United states Wiccan Ralts [Knight of Light]0:002:28:3688030,539-
10United states Hayden0:100:25:221626,398-
11United states Derblitz0:001:25:05516103,100-
12United states bootyslayer690:100:20:08105,265-
13United states Derty Craig0:102:06:10416266,533-
14United states Egyptian Bagel0:001:40:2748285,468-
15United states Shakes0:102:37:52397101,657-
16Saudi arabia hobbit ;D0:100:43:42108112,573-
17United states light0:100:20:174641,67646,501
18United states black box soldier0:100:24:59171,253-
19United states Some Jerk0:100:40:3930239,31241,999
20United states xTGx Ice0:001:21:4155076,430-
21United states (Youtube) Slasher 3420:100:30:5127322,808-
22United states Simple Danks0:201:59:03469153,860-
23United states Lordi0:000:44:1561105,355-
24United states Su̲íc̝̾̆i̛d͒ͨȅ͝0:200:32:27251,025-
25United states Signum0:002:06:2122021,687-
26United states JawlessBullet0:200:55:16169216,039-
27Mexico SquidNow0:000:05:46-34,810-
28United states Hype0:002:22:39677148,643-
29Peru SpiritSolo0:001:22:48168418,353-
30United states BOX GOB THE EXCAVATOR MAN0:000:09:0874,251-
31United states Greenrob0:000:44:327885,514-
 Team Red1:2031:00:37-93,521-
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