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United states >XI< #2| Push | Stats | 128hz |
Game Insurgency 2014 Insurgency 2014
Address  [Connect now]
Players 26/32 Players
Map verticality verticality, 00:02:11 hours
Updated 16. Dec 2018 23:06:54
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Argentina Enchufado3:302:04:161442,2641,302
2Guatemala º[.l.]*(°GATOOO°)*[.l.] | .G0:002:14:20231,7347,839
3United states Lyanna Mormont0:000:18:54641,06456,479
4United states Sinistor0:200:07:03-3,093-
5United states Sam-i-Am-<XI>0:000:02:44-1,392-
6Canada plourde0:000:06:26-2,290-
7United states Jojo the Network Chimp0:000:39:511712,7471,143
8United states Arden0:000:22:0051,52349,591
9United states T.w² HOXTON0:000:29:20111,052-
10Ukraine Daniel0:000:49:20102,823338
11United states Jasher0:000:01:28-1,452-
12Honduras Constantine0:000:03:44-1,938-
13Colombia Jupamoca8530:000:26:531601,3961,103
14United states MJordenm0:001:06:581691,5862,087
15United states Q U A S M0:000:31:25591,115-
1United states ohiost47181:500:31:26-1,50658,073
2United states Эта собака0:000:07:09142,462-
3Canada Snap0:000:31:55241,47761,214
4United states rbrannan0:001:47:01511,128100,317
5Croatia _derXos_>XI<0:000:01:40-1,570-
6Canada Von Neumann0:000:18:33351,110-
7United states CottonHeadedNinnyMuggins0:001:47:081651,7053,735
8United states Tapp the Bear0:000:03:32-1,000-
9United states Cyber0:000:14:52-1,699-
10Canada Rappy0:000:09:13102,324497
11Canada flyfonzy30:001:15:53-1,9513,618
12Mexico ベ ル セ ル ク0:001:06:141192,1472,211
13Canada Happy Djako0:000:02:07-1,034-
14Mexico Venom Snake0:000:26:47192,204621
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