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Game Insurgency 2014 Insurgency 2014
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29/32 Players
Map contact contact, 00:25:28 hours
Updated 26. Jun 2017 02:19:41
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Brazil ceJOOTA 'w'7:200:25:07621,175-
2Canada Whopper Junior6:000:24:151224,1674
3Brazil CAOsS2:200:24:17672,065470
4United states UrAznBoi1:200:13:26351,002104,702
5United states newera9x50:000:05:05-2,456-
6United states Diddy042040:000:25:0731,02055,051
7 SharkBoy0:200:15:37-980-
8United states zdog5180:000:03:03-1,000-
9United states Falcor0:000:01:24-1,000-
10United states A cool boi hellcase.com0:100:23:44881,22197,312
11United states ☭ Comrade Blyad ☭0:000:08:45-1,146-
12Brazil -Leco0:100:10:50311,031-
13Brazil ImProVS0:200:24:17-993-
14United states Deag God0:000:01:30-1,176-
15Brazil ReKt0:100:21:46151,8118,281
1United states Sandrogynous4:500:14:2621,11544,283
2United states Most Curious of Georges'3:300:24:17292,462375
3United states MadMavrick1:200:24:14-1,64151,120
4Italy This Guy1:100:24:17501,068101,544
5United states Sluth The Cluth1:100:23:35871,7056,724
6Austria BEHINDER0:000:24:09191,8912,660
7United states Origami0:200:24:0221,07445,707
8United states Virus X0:100:24:17-1,289102,008
9Costa rica [NCE]Setamkas0:000:25:07591,10846,517
10United states Sir Jerrod0:100:24:46141,9933,377
11United states numank5340:000:24:59351,096106,104
12Brazil verorgia0:000:06:25-1,000-
13United states Elizabeth the REAL VIP0:200:24:54871,206104,667
14United states ✪tkm0:200:14:52201,02035,698
15Brazil Arias0:300:23:21-1,01246,985
16United states PowerDanny0:000:24:0711,00566,635
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