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United states  ▓▓█► DUST2 [PUB] ÀωÞ (15/30)
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 16/30 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 01:25:34 hours
Updated 21. Mar 2018 02:28:02
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Spauldz4:400:28:462471,81510,816
2United states ya'll mad at Ghostayy__3:100:30:31645,2199,844
3Netherlands UAS|Reflex3:300:07:19121,01223,722
4Sweden killer2:300:36:34281,02816,899
5Canada ÀωÞclan.ADM Hazy1:200:09:07643,0515,263
6United states I❤ÀωÞclan butters1:100:50:24884,63010,228
7United states swi.Magical_Trevor0:000:03:0862,0745,910
8Canada Bowie0:100:12:29275,1005,668
1Canada ÀωÞclan.MBR ƆìŁÁ3:100:13:03-6,4754,260
2United states prime2:400:18:37-4,76110,298
3United states 002:300:21:501122,32914,334
4United states ÀωÞclan.LDR SLIPKN☬T2:200:10:53235,8967,247
5Trinidad and tobago Audie-Murphy11111:201:06:08983,40218,937
6United states 2030:100:03:01-1,000-
7United states 3Hogie0:000:06:44271,02782,408
8United states Professional Gamer0:000:41:211191,11950,466
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