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United states -KTB-BotServers-16-Join-Allies (Time left 9:47)
Game Day of Defeat Day of Defeat
Address  [Connect now]
Players 6 (8)/32 Players
Map dod_tact_v5, 00:37:20 hours
Updated 20. Nov 2018 16:40:50
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states SuicideJockey (IA)9:200:37:06-25,400944
2Denmark :ODS: - Jorgensen7:200:16:502617,645769
3Spain Tio Ethan4:100:37:1510919,493-
4United kingdom NeO|GoD|flash-GORDON3:200:26:39-18,163-
5United states dR| gonz02:100:14:327514,981585
1 Sgt.Hans Schultz4:500:37:16-11,780-
2 Gef.Kersten Dinger2:600:37:106311,243-
3 Col.Wilhelm Klink2:500:16:40-7,974-
4 Maj.Wolfgang Hochstetter1:100:37:0813811,124-
5 Strm.Heinz Hassel1:200:26:29918,097-
6 Gen.Sigurt Keller0:000:37:1216212,231-
7 Gen.Albert Burkhalter0:000:14:19619,329-
8 RIP-SF-ItsAllGoodBrah0:000:37:1414711,610-
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