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United states TEK Community Axis Bot Server (Modified Maps)
Game Day of Defeat Day of Defeat
Address  [Connect now]
Players 7 (8)/32 Players
Map dod_palace_mtek, 00:24:00 hours
Updated 20. Apr 2018 18:12:52
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1France gj26:1400:23:55-39,590-
2Canada Planit18:600:23:5638324,203-
3United states Wrench7:100:02:325525,871-
4Germany Cap3:100:14:0214134,860-
5United kingdom Cpl Oglop3:200:23:4311342,408-
1 Gen. Adolph Coors5:1600:23:44-15,500-
2 Gen. Adolphus Busch4:400:23:50-15,039-
3 Gen. Joseph Goebbels3:400:13:532114,462-
4 Gen. Mark Wahlberg3:900:23:56-29,040-
5 Gen. Albert Einstein1:400:23:48-17,244-
6 Gen. Gottlieb Daimler1:500:23:52-17,045-
7 Gen. Ferdinand Porsche1:100:23:462515,092-
8 Gen. Will Smith1:900:23:54-27,855-
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