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United states  =[pG]=| JAILBREAK | =(eGO)=
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 36/52 Players
Map jb_spy_vs_spy_pg_v4, 00:12:13 hours
Updated 18. Jan 2019 23:04:58
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Stage 2 nugget nut god4:000:12:23-1,000-
2United states 2020Vision3:000:12:27-1,000-
3United states ? big oof admins hate me]1:100:12:24-1,000-
4United states Bluewater1:000:12:23-1,000-
5United states ✪ Derpy Pug1:000:12:23-1,000-
6United states America0:000:12:31-1,000-
7United states HOUZEKEEPING0:000:12:23-1,000-
8United states Xergiok0:000:12:23-1,000-
1United states Demonic3:100:12:23-1,000-
2United states major1:100:12:23-1,000-
3Canada corn bread1:100:12:12-1,000-
4United states waldo0:000:06:00-1,000-
5United states KingSKE / Blue October0:000:12:13-1,000-
6Canada Jimz0:000:10:41-1,000-
7United states Stak キロ0:000:12:11-1,163-
8Canada Sly Cooper0:000:12:13-1,000-
9Netherlands Merco0:000:12:11-1,000-
10United states Goingrusty0:100:12:23-1,000-
11United states rancid0:000:11:07-1,000-
12United states Bugz bunny0:100:12:11-1,000-
13Canada Macho Ma'am Tranny Savage0:100:12:11-1,000-
14United states Tak0:000:12:11-1,000-
15United states shronk CSGOEmpire.com0:000:05:29-1,000-
16Canada dallas love field0:000:12:11-1,000-
17United states PickolasCage0:000:12:11-1,000-
18Canada Hyperactive0:000:12:11-1,000-
19United states Stephan Paddock0:100:12:23-1,000-
20United states Tiny Muffin Lord0:000:12:13-1,012-
21United states silvergrill0:100:12:11-1,000-
22United states Burple0:000:02:40-1,000-
23United states xanathma0:100:12:11-1,000-
24Egypt AmrElsayedEG0:000:06:57-1,000-
25United states P4|\|D40:000:12:11-1,000-
26United states ScreaM0:100:12:23-1,000-
27United states Kozar(Thelix)0:100:07:25-1,000-
28United states ムTaco0:000:12:13-1,000-
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