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United states [PrG] ::1v1-Arena:: - Chicago | Custom Rounds
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 30/34 Players
Map am_dust2014, 00:09:12 hours
Updated 22. Jul 2018 03:01:18
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada JayBroChill6:000:10:32504,015-
2Canada nico nico niiger5:300:05:1563,782-
3United states CAPTAIN BEEPBOP4:400:28:11312,229-
4United states sALTf44:300:15:49543,092-
5United states LeeisMe4:200:04:16412,191-
6United states subut3:400:05:0981,838-
7United states ✪ Yuuta3:400:32:16322,426-
8United states Hydrus3:200:49:041024,119-
9United kingdom Gamcal3:300:34:551291,129-
10United states Syncope3:300:09:46123,811-
11United states dawol attendee #42:400:05:28-989-
12United states MakeAWishKid2:600:19:53871,101-
13United states Ben Shapiro1:600:22:26103,982-
14United states President Trump0:000:02:25-4,878-
15United states đιαł0:200:02:44-2,245-
2Canada ✪ Loonie ☭5:300:05:2336,303-
3United states Goku4:000:18:10593,510-
4United states Palm4:300:58:214352,211-
5United states GoodGuyTk4:200:12:37543,125-
6United states Maybe JW3:400:30:40842,609-
7United states 海淀Boy3:500:05:13241,831-
8United states Sinderon2:300:03:5163,147-
9Canada boomchaka2:100:15:4864,210-
10United states Chaos2:200:03:24-4,463-
11United states Evanator1:500:24:3713,234-
12United states >Wubba1:000:27:532081,682-
13United states J4Ck Fr0s70:001:10:37-2,623-
14United states DrLejos-otg-0:100:49:37-8,449-
15United states Diamond0:000:06:40-1,000-
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