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United states [PrG] ::1v1-Arena:: - Chicago | Custom Rounds
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23/30 Players
Map am_breakout, 00:00:44 hours
Updated 24. Sep 2017 16:06:02
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada ✪ Night0:000:10:45132,994-
2United states |Pug_Boys| ✪ G-ODin0:000:09:461361,136-
3United states Krab 9 Hammer0:000:03:37-1,728-
4Canada ✪ Sensy0:000:19:061921,192-
5United states -6ix- CherryLe1TapMaCHinE0:000:07:43131,240-
6United states tommyguns7120:000:29:59371,129-
7Sweden in$anity0:000:26:502231,223-
8United states Snek0:000:33:554271,427444,504
9Canada Master POGI0:000:11:24731,073-
10United states ıllıllı Squid Blunt ıllıllı0:000:11:071051,602-
1United states wzr0:000:22:07492,523-
2Canada V_A_p_O_r W_A_v_e0:000:38:23901,090-
3Finland Doggo0:000:12:16702,211-
4Canada zzzzz~ uuuuuu0:000:49:023131,971-
5United states TazDontTap0:000:45:122051,669-
6United states Daddy0:000:03:05421,042-
7United states Carmanti30:000:08:07721,306-
8Canada Dumbføunded TSoonami0:000:33:312411,708-
9Russian federation lucky x butmun0:000:05:1541,004-
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