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United states [PrG] ::1v1-Arena:: - Chicago | Custom Rounds
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 24/32 Players
Map am_trainyard, 00:03:02 hours
Updated 19. Feb 2018 08:45:43
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Rocka5:300:04:12510,459-
2Canada Pingu5:300:05:42202,471-
3Canada Dinkleberg4:400:05:0311,011-
4Canada JambonMoutarde4:400:18:07-5,624-
5United states VAC~BoyZ The Marz4:200:07:01121,012-
6Canada T-bo from the groovy smoothie3:400:09:32-4,006-
7United states Elmo💤3:301:45:416402,037-
8United states Jay2:500:08:08-2,718-
9United states SAWANO 先生ジュジュジュ2:401:12:198771,877-
10United states El Trumpo2:500:14:07381,601-
11United states michael scott1:500:36:38651,519-
12United states Captain CantFrag0:000:01:52-2,122-
1United states was.A6:300:10:19167,354-
2United states Rice4:200:04:57193,660-
3United states Fraglag4:101:01:184621,462-
4United states ZimMy4:200:14:26432,172-
5United states Finn4:200:47:43602,740-
6United states N1H2K ✪,154-
7United states sad cunt yungdeth3:201:25:405842,085-
8United states Highboy3:500:45:441491,392-
9United states ISAAC2:200:05:1221,002-
10United states Paul2:200:02:3651,495-
11Argentina DINOSOWER! Narrower csgofast.com1:500:10:4521,002-
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