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United states [PrG]:: Awp Server #1 :: Chicago :: Ranks :: AutoHop
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23/24 Players
Map awp_lego_remix_final, 00:13:44 hours
Updated 23. Jul 2018 00:01:28
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Gem5:200:30:093365,179-
2United states :thinking:5:100:26:13306,062-
3United states large squishy tummy2:400:09:11154,135-
4United states Kyri2:400:09:36311,031-
5United states k0ver0:000:48:502194,031-
6United states jacoB0:200:19:48199,350-
7United states ✪ De'aaron0:300:02:57-994-
8Argentina ✪ Tronex0201 hellcase.com0:100:06:007948-
9United states emrld0:000:54:32-8,422-
10United states winny0:000:30:13-5,594-
11United states red=death0:000:45:41-6,793-
1United states Birbo11:201:19:2610013,693-
2United states meme cuisine8:500:14:061913,783-
3United states wild5:400:22:301711,638-
4United states Carlpus5:000:07:33111,86565,418
5United states JesusRB254:500:07:01255,809-
6United states ay4:100:17:08-13,847-
7United states salty2:000:02:2086,324-
8United states im sooo edgy uwu2:300:10:45101,063-
9United states Firedragon0:100:22:46-4,194-
10Canada N1nja1nMontreal0:000:24:15-941-
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