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United states HC Conquest ALL Maps#vote#Fast Vehicle Spawn
Game Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
Players 12/64 Players
Map cql_caspian cql_caspian, 00:27:06 hours
Updated 23. Apr 2018 07:44:11
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states [CDU] ZeeTarget1:205:41:25210718,32546,161
2Brazil sanjuber1:001:00:193141,6562,940
3United states [bZ] -bZ-VETUS-VIR0:000:51:20-101,48838,569
4United states [ODR] 1badmfer10:100:54:063081,95233,135
5Brazil [SDI] digitalasy0:101:15:405944,67339,043
6United states TweetinTrump0:000:39:1225313,422516
 U.S. Army2:410:22:02-86,919-
1United states [TAZ] HuracanePane2:101:34:30906137,404173
2United states sbridge1:001:17:5699210,9374,478
3United states SnorryHobo1:000:56:293855,2317,681
4United states sambq1551:101:17:4983725,6086,565
5Puerto rico ElFatCat0:001:05:3064157,6792,826
6United states TheDirtyBubble880:001:38:02104936,12381
 Russian Army5:207:50:16-62,164-
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