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United states 6th Rangers Battalion PUB | gameME | Medic | FF
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 29/32 Players
Map dod_donner dod_donner, 01:09:40 hours
Updated 17. Jan 2019 18:16:41
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Brazil Fuda.rjota5:200:18:01371,037907
2Sweden Swedish Bro4:100:37:03652,043290
3Canada [ҲǴ]™PricklyPete4:200:04:2781,3561,657
4Netherlands Niels [Holland]3:100:39:45-9765,241
5United states ZOMBIE2:300:12:54-2,0964,379
6United states plb19822:600:11:01-9927,040
7United states Jstsel [SAC]1:200:53:19601,911598
8Sweden Pvt.Chaos1:501:09:27-3,4331,633
9United states Temerald0:000:13:13-9932,189
10United states JAFA0:000:02:13-972-
11Sweden Striker 2nd Airbourne0:100:09:2254,225167
12United states DarkSlap0:000:28:1771,0074,892
13United states CreativeIndy0:101:22:051253,431202
14United states Baha [SAC]0:100:26:07121,901489
1United states [tc] york10:200:22:301347,39867
2Brazil Alemão das Trevas5:501:17:07241,024458
3Germany qlubtempo5:100:13:40491,380346
4Sweden Blank3:000:09:39283,201115
5Canada Overture [SAC]3:100:31:18162,620380
6Denmark THE EXTREAM KILLER (Dk)3:200:09:43101,0102,435
7Germany Scrat ( D )2:100:32:33671,252345
8Sweden Eat Lead1:100:06:0041,217940
9United states best_motoring1:100:12:48111,0992,571
10Canada .Bear PooP.0:000:11:32201,5891,652
11United states Max Damage0:000:20:27301,0974,841
12Denmark [BlackEagle]0:000:56:5391,6521,585
13Germany ******$h!fty******0:000:06:3661,3891,596
14United states joe0:200:08:09-1,381968
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