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United states 6th Rangers Battalion PUB | gameME | Medic | FF
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 31/32 Players
Map dod_argentan dod_argentan, 00:13:17 hours
Updated 18. Aug 2017 06:51:53
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states HardCorePawn7:500:13:1521,5291,463
2United states Oltre_XR27:300:04:49175,318-
3United states Field Marshall Howitzer [SAC]4:500:13:15738,576109
4United states nw austin3:500:13:15422,524869
5United states SpongebobFan223:200:11:50741,1531,991
6United states katla3:100:13:15788,01366
7United states Xante3:200:02:1677,097-
8United states Kaini Industries2:200:02:4143,309-
9United states Pvt. N. Dergan [6th RB]2:200:13:15203,7212,265
10United states Runic2:300:13:15221,0885,076
11United states Koolaid [SAC]1:100:13:15206,265142
12Canada proot1:300:13:15322,6681,153
13United states Bulldog Jr.0:200:01:59-1,427-
14United states Alabama Man0:100:13:15271,4471,125
15United states SaHueso0:100:12:54291,8113,036
16United states Iguana Bob0:200:13:15141,0955,135
1United states YELL45:100:13:15-1,6211,456
2United states Dos_xx5:400:13:15516,75151
3United states Spooner5:400:13:15158,899361
4United states Lorh The Slutty Tentacle [SAC]4:500:13:15156,985764
5United states BRokeN [SAC]4:300:13:156214,42147
6United states BmBm3:500:05:1310981-
7United states PBDev Nergal3:200:07:2691,009-
8United states Schnitzel2:200:13:15262,468464
9United states Pvt. J. Sabin [6th RB]2:300:03:2833,523-
10Korea, republic of Haze1nut Latte2:300:03:5231,055-
11United states Cpl. C. Lyle [6th RB]1:400:13:1521,9751,599
12United states JMac1:500:09:41-1,0257,380
13Canada Water Buffalo0:300:13:1581,1784,410
14United states 1Lt. P. Ekstrand [6th RB]0:200:13:15-4,4471,682
15Romania Gonzalez esteban de la Playa0:100:13:15641,4121,107
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