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United states 6th Rangers Battalion PUB | gameME | Medic | FF
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map dod_kalt dod_kalt, 00:12:43 hours
Updated 23. Jul 2018 17:12:36
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Spain Fosforito9:800:12:42-1,3041,067
2Canada RumbleWithPatrolmen6:400:12:42-1,887544
3United states *PaNthEЯ*5:900:12:42-2,5571,355
4United states BadMoJo5:200:11:35-9932,432
5Spain MiLLiTa4:400:05:2411,068-
6United states Chant my name3:200:12:4251,0759,298
7Canada hey3:100:12:22241,0248,049
8United states Pavlov's Dawg2:000:12:42-1,1798,133
9United states [D-D] The mean one2:400:12:4231,0413,848
10Slovakia Ujo Birkenau :D1:300:12:42-1,1072,000
11Germany summersearcher1:100:10:38-9937,391
12United kingdom Alarming Foreskin1:100:12:42456,175976
13United states IM NOT SURE1:200:12:42511,1284,056
14Portugal Mister Tea1:200:04:23-998-
15United states BradRapidTv1:400:12:42-1,1265,430
16Switzerland - BLOODSPORT -0:000:07:241978-
1Estonia Ret. 2Lt. S. Reelo 6th RB [SAC]4:100:12:42372,70070
2United states Grimjack4:300:05:04-1,036-
3United states mcks3:000:02:2769,023-
4Japan bombeiro3:500:12:42-1,0152,405
5United states Brodebear3:500:12:42172,057873
6United states Utsukushiki3:200:12:42571,146435
7Netherlands Marines The Cheeki Stalker3:100:12:11181,0183,970
8United states [fL]NadeChucker2:200:12:42181,0206,104
9United states [GA]Cheech|5.o|2:100:12:42328,469168
10United states GmOnEy05071:400:09:39-5203,460
11United states Target Dummy [SAC]1:100:12:42-6,300680
12Argentina Mr0:000:12:4211,0278,741
13United states dysdpddtdr0:000:12:42-3,2591,801
14United states Cpl. R. Mizani [6th RB]0:100:12:42273,9151,128
15Brazil Duarte0:000:12:42751,1511,748
16France purr440:000:12:42211,0877,055
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