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United states 6th Rangers Battalion PUB | gameME | Medic | FF
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
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Players 32/32 Players
Map dod_foy_rc1, 00:14:30 hours
Updated 21. Jan 2019 19:02:08
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Sweden Sgt. Oty9:000:57:55271,3414,834
2United kingdom TSgt. C. Small [1st MRB]6:400:10:31-3,747102
3United states R|L Col. Smeal5:401:00:29-1,942769
4Denmark JG4:401:00:291593,73169
5Belgium b@rtman (be)4:100:17:49-1,573814
6Russian federation vrolen3:400:09:57-1,314-
7United states Xephik [oSa]3:200:10:56131,1102,069
8Switzerland senzus2:400:06:50-998-
9Brazil ui2:100:10:5228601,048
10Germany mightyinsect2:400:11:1135,374890
11United states Thor [SAC]1:100:37:41-5,639265
12United states Crisco [SAC]0:201:00:29-279,310
13Russian federation MironovJ0:100:35:04131,1427,998
14Canada Zakky0:000:07:1411,299-
15Canada Kill By Numbers0:100:03:18-1,560-
16Brazil Gabiroel0:300:46:32-9707,101
1Denmark don moe11:300:36:322281,922297
2Japan outrider31411:200:25:38644,84118
3Denmark vaana2:100:05:5121,002-
4United states Heat Check1:300:04:06-1,206-
5Canada [k3wlk!dz] mathrocker1:200:32:25371,3712,001
6United states mustangman5300:200:19:50-990-
7United kingdom smash_bang0:000:02:33-1,000-
8Spain harrii0:000:16:32541,370716
9Canada Flag Martyr [SAC]0:100:32:50703,122180
10United states Casanova Funkenstein0:000:03:04-1,279-
11Canada Pvt. SSTaLoN [70th ID]0:200:41:521101,1102,745
12United states Dreddful0:000:42:02763,9281,391
13United states SouthBoston0:200:27:05-1,1723,243
14Argentina Juan Carlos Batman0:200:22:51-7752,941
15United states jimmy cheesus0:100:16:02-1,4851,797
16Russian federation Albert von Schtilof0:400:10:43101,151650
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