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United states | Trade/Idle #3 | FREE ITEMS! - !givemeall | US1-20
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 21/24 Players
Map trade_plaza_2, 16:35:41 hours
Updated 19. Apr 2018 21:35:05
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states rjyurk100 / Trade.tf8:509:21:221291,329-
2United states <TSG>Slothna | Trade.tf1:400:16:57121,018-
3United states McFortniteGod1:301:05:122281,289-
4United states Mario'sTradeDummy1:300:02:4621,002-
5Iran, islamic republic of amir.KM0:200:37:2910312,111-
6Australia HueZee_0:000:01:50-2,258-
7Canada Jack0:110:57:21-4,202-
8United states Badpainter30:200:42:4441,120-
9Norway SHAPE AMERICAcsgolive.com0:500:12:16-1,038-
 Team Blue11:2523:17:57-2,819-
1Argentina TiaGuITo1234:000:40:401401,140-
2United states Matt Ramses3:000:14:32132235,276-
3United states The Ghost of King Hamlet2:002:07:2249727,432-
4Sweden ♣ Zäta ♣1:000:33:58852,878-
5United kingdom GeniusPrank1:100:11:421216,670-
6United states jokerboii11:000:58:311201,120-
7United states ♥Spiral♥0:000:30:18171,110-
8United states Stone0:001:48:5551,005-
9United states RiverMain0:000:13:40-1,137-
10United states Swoosh0:000:02:59-6,118-
11United states Starfall/trade.tf0:000:07:41271,183-
12Brazil change of heart0:001:45:40-10,216-
 Team Red12:109:15:58-25,440-
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