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United states | Trade/Idle #3 | FREE ITEMS! - !givemeall | US1-20
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23/24 Players
Map trade_plaza_2, 10:51:59 hours
Updated 20. May 2018 16:05:15
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states BooyakaShowGun7:200:04:35581,793-
2Netherlands dragonStorm-={o.W.n}=-5:000:32:2314372,855-
3Canada Speedy4:300:19:251242,774-
4United states unrated3:400:22:43431,172-
5Vietnam Gug1:100:03:11510,375-
6Saint vincent and the grenadines JadenCBuntyn0:100:11:59-13,544-
7United states automynt0:101:44:061031,103-
8United states =o.W.n= Narim0:000:34:092742,02542,717
9United states Taco_cat120:100:25:01159,058-
 Team Blue20:1304:17:32-17,189-
1United states jadog83374:400:39:441061,552-
2Bangladesh Platinum Records3:500:32:122512,162-
3Canada Goldensteve981:100:31:51742,477-
4United states =o.W.n.= Neptune1:001:24:0514860,97341,559
5United states Tyler1:200:20:16364,899-
6Philippines *Cherry PoP Dandy*1:101:15:034741,65350,978
7Croatia Ground Zero0:200:07:47579,03039,459
8Netherlands Fist full of eggs0:402:22:24-6,73312,126
9United states f!ashb@ck0:100:01:18-1,115-
10United states DragonS1ayer1410:100:23:34-3,715-
11United states /ps/Showoff0:000:46:1914917,54314,500
12United states Dogshit640:100:17:51231,02363,087
13Russian federation zhenya.mitinskii0:002:02:331175,08868,972
14Sweden ♣ Zäta ♣0:303:10:19-13,734-
15Germany al.port12070:200:44:20451,049-
 Team Red11:2714:39:36-8,850-
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