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United states NY | Jailbreak
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23/24 Players
Map jb_famous_final, 00:19:37 hours
Updated 21. Apr 2018 21:03:46
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada Cosby_Kid1:000:36:213716,911-
2Puerto rico Anco ة1:000:55:50402,59637,719
3United states Granny Gandalf0:000:32:47530,681-
4United states alexknight6210:100:08:36-1,324-
5United states TheRealChills0:000:55:49271,433-
6United states pybromainiac[pyrobird]0:000:35:0461,00627,975
 Team Blue2:103:44:27-8,992-
1United states Squinty1:100:44:41686,014-
2United states MG | Big Yellow0:000:13:47101,115-
3United states King_Andrew60:000:10:2951,010-
4Germany Random | hugs.tf0:002:53:561187,90337,624
5United kingdom ToxicAcid3550:000:02:08-1,000-
6Philippines Cyrilic0:000:56:08321,032-
7Bulgaria aRRo'0:002:08:12381,145-
8United states Lord Felidae0:000:20:5931,003-
9United states ✪ Moboking0:001:03:59831,107-
10United states Rust ( I dont own it )0:000:22:40232,294-
11United states LUBE0:000:10:55512,256-
12United states -goost-0:000:12:4185,362-
13United states BattleSquirrel0:000:05:14-10,388-
14United states Sacr3d0:000:10:1951,137-
15United states roblox cool0:000:00:25-1,692-
16United states Boston Slugger0:000:28:55161,814-
17United states dhayden0:100:07:58-999-
 Team Red1:210:13:26-3,369-
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