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United states  ███► GUNGAME [DM] ÀωÞ (20/30)
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 21/30 Players
Map gg_desert_altar, 00:01:36 hours
Updated 16. Oct 2018 20:36:55
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states BoneMachine4:100:12:05-5,159-
2Germany [Germany] - Bommel4:000:58:20844,893-
3United states |UGA| Haterade GO DAWGS3:101:01:36-4,60518,057
4Canada LaChèvre2:100:52:548393,05414,073
5United states Ted Wassanasong1:100:33:08-5,130-
6United states No Pressure0:000:11:53231,023-
7United states פคяƘรíפé0:000:18:32264,593-
8Russian federation Dinushka0:000:01:10-3,782-
9Russian federation ✪U¢hiђa ıl [Ữн] made in spb0:000:01:05-4,388-
10United states SURGE!0:000:14:232631,263-
1United states practice9:400:19:02-6,9403,357
2United states CaRLiToBoRRiTo2:100:06:3954,955-
3United states ThunderWolf1:100:13:43-4,883-
4United states ✪Pinhead Larry1:100:46:4516173,05133,529
5Slovakia psycho1:200:08:171213,160-
6Poland BukalMaster0:000:01:16-5,534-
7United states Lovepocket0:300:09:07545,635-
8United states jaycarter4080:100:03:13165,146-
9United states Sixth AD SavvySavváge0:000:11:271234,230-
10Finland Deksti0:400:16:59-6,062-
11United states The Sorcerer King0:000:32:533171,317-
12United states YoungBartS0:000:45:01-3,745-
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