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United states  ▓▓█► GUNGAME [DM] ÀωÞ (15/30)
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 17/30 Players
Map gg_sex_fix, 00:03:18 hours
Updated 20. May 2018 23:15:23
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Switzerland Buar111117:1101:00:04122,967-
2United states Sussie13:1300:06:20603,104-
3United states SmokeYa12:1300:12:54-5,410-
4United kingdom H@ppy10:1000:05:16174,025-
5United states WOJOQ2210:2000:06:58-3,617-
6Canada Fynix 駅ル案4:900:16:051331,565110,846
7Germany hazzla244:1000:13:54-95571,398
8United states mosesandluca2:500:01:41-2,282-
9United states Hi, it's Rupert!0:000:30:02-2,067-
1United states Stoned Cold28:1300:09:00393,959-
2United states spector18:1000:09:06-4,42853,890
3United states radrussian15:800:10:363302,855-
4United states Vicatex11:800:02:1913,577-
5Switzerland ---->YEKRAP<----10:1001:01:321373,328-
6Canada dyne9:1200:04:26-3,71357,461
7Germany Sneakers *-*3:1100:03:30-980-
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