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United states STEAM-GAMERS.NET | 24/7 Jailbreak | !store !ws !knife !gloves
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 43/50 Players
Map jb_summer_jail_v1, 00:21:30 hours
Updated 18. Feb 2019 23:40:18
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada Kachowzers3:000:21:405114,593-
2United states Tyymunk3:100:21:403915,499239,736
3United states Gentoo3:100:21:404015,96728,482
4United states Just Casual3:000:21:393218,067-
5United states Draco2:000:21:34740,136-
6United states Roxas1:000:21:392625,424209,726
7Canada Kale Chips1:000:21:401273,877168,042
8United states JW1:000:21:39371,652-
9United states M_hello_y1:100:21:401541,10715,874
10United states ✪ MjO 1:100:13:26104,123-
11United states FranzJ ツ0:100:21:40205,191-
12United states IHaveBadAim0:000:21:39421,279-
13Canada iRoblix0:000:21:40325,084-
14United states Dr. Doctor0:000:21:3916,030-
15Canada son of kennyS0:000:08:04-2,338-
16Canada Zovio0:000:21:4011,589-
1United states Pon4ikL0rd2:200:21:40-31,857-
2United states Bhluesnav1:100:21:44407,273-
3United states saltfactory1:000:21:40161,596-
4Canada Dead Girls Cant Say No0:000:21:40506,979-
5United states Doggo0:100:19:11-8,051-
6United states I DONT GET IT0:000:21:40-15,957-
7United states Annoyed ginger0:000:21:39161,891-
8United states Priestess0:000:21:32-34,434-
9United states Moist Depresso0:100:21:39-8,167-
10United states MASTER_SKR0:000:11:04-1,599-
11United states Bot Nick0:000:05:43-5,258-
12United states SadMasturbatingClown0:100:14:52-998-
13United states Dominic0:000:21:401149,95565,441
14United states $-->MaXiMuM<--$0:000:20:11329,557-
15United states [SG] ThRza0:000:21:39-27,149232,602
16United states Toxey Hayes0:000:21:4046,755-
17United states CalltoArms0:200:13:041322,546-
18Canada Big man0:000:02:23-23,116-
19United states Pickle Snipes0:000:21:40149,901-
20United states HaZaRd ツ0:000:18:12-1,800-
21United states Bot Kyle [gang]0:000:21:38-6,178-
22United states ♿getting down w the downies♿0:000:18:18-6,994-
23United states Youngdaggerdick0:100:17:33-1,664-
24United states Pink Sunsets & Tranquility0:000:21:40186,119-
25United states that gas0:100:21:40-4,577-
26United states Snow0:100:21:36517,690-
27United states ThePoopingPuppy0:000:02:13-3,680-
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