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United states 24/7 [*XXL BabyGirl's -Dust2-* UPGRADED] //
Game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Address  [Connect now]
Players 22 (4)/32 Players
Map de_dust2_cz de_dust2_cz, 00:53:23 hours
Updated 20. Oct 2014 23:07:30
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Paula3:100:13:3910724,4662,231
2Netherlands ÃfGhaN2:000:14:508781,9541,373
3United states ~Rock On PuSs-Master1:100:15:253776,960-
4United states Gun Up Ur A$$!!!!!0:100:10:314630,5883,347
5 Reed0:000:44:49-0-
6 Harold0:000:44:21-0-
7Brazil kein_problem!!!0:100:08:41831,253-
8United states -[DC]-Marketus0:100:03:44319,384-
9Netherlands Fireman0:100:08:261069,649-
10United states -[DC]-DIGITALSCIENTIST0:000:13:1553122,425-
11Croatia -L|S-Heisenberg0:000:25:446179,481-
12Canada Trazom0:200:20:06-991-
1United states white power ranger3:400:14:051163,967-
2Canada vjj3:100:02:491983,152-
3France @LI3:400:14:124276,666-
4Canada Mulgrew3:300:15:309443,890-
5United states kawhi.jr.22:100:04:462040,624-
6United kingdom [AL] Optimu$ :: H@rmonic@2:200:12:283926,5901,261
7 Rick0:000:33:21-0-
8United states I pork fat chix0:100:05:06-28,9354,210
9United states MusicDreamLife0:100:04:53-971-
10 Irving0:000:49:15-0-
11Canada handicappedkid0:100:09:47-71,3312,355
12United states .-= ecnaDnus =-.0:100:03:14-61,0732,652
13United states Im the best player in here0:000:01:02-132,945-
14United states ConVict | JInX0:100:44:494492,726-
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