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United states 24/7 [*XXL BabyGirl's -Dust2-*] //
Game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Address  [Connect now]
Players 31/32 Players
Map de_dust2_cz de_dust2_cz, 00:18:11 hours
Updated 18. Apr 2014 04:59:02
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states ` nutZ 408 <33:200:11:422470,606-
2United states ???3:100:16:192668,787-
3Canada doxx2:200:18:107025,707-
4United states U.S.A 4012:200:28:003546,894-
5United states lrt. John John1:000:01:451821,328-
6United states ^][aKu][$][PaPPa][^1:200:51:057181,156-
7United states Tejas1:000:02:02648,142-
8United states [+91] Guard of WInterFell1:300:31:163450,537-
9Philippines HOBBIT1:301:57:4514661,174-
10United states JEROME1:202:35:48341109,390-
11United states ^][aKu][$][Bonomo][^Col0:000:02:05-94,078-
12Bahamas Lil Wayne0:000:17:121310,254-
13United states h$a.` [I]Think[I]Can0:200:22:246215,144-
14United states '0:200:35:27-71,977-
15United states azt3ca0:000:18:108086,959-
16United states ` fujiiiiii0:000:07:34-55,902-
1Canada =M|Nd= Moosetang5:300:17:2011364,552-
2Canada HuMaN4:200:18:1024233,249-
3Canada sKiL -|.|- The one who knocks.3:300:16:0314916,106-
4United states Black Beetle2:000:08:2037151,855-
5United states dIlIk```2:200:18:1076171,550-
6United states RAININGBLOOD2:100:03:241175,830-
7United states SKOAL2:301:58:16223151,090-
8United states ConVict | googster2:100:41:0240337,028-
9Canada Player1:000:41:042923,012-
10United states Sumpak^1:200:12:45624,581-
11United states TRIGGUR_HAPPY Is Angry1:200:20:403655,643-
12United states Slauder1:000:17:15271,027-
13Canada Raitsuke0:200:29:443383,678-
14United states ukie(knifer clan)0:000:01:40-13,558-
15Canada dyN`. JayPark0:000:16:264392,053-
16United states Legend0:001:39:05168105,015-
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