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United states TF2 24/7 2fort [INSTANT RESPAWN]
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 31/33 Players
Map ctf_2fort ctf_2fort, 03:12:36 hours
Updated 18. Nov 2017 05:45:06
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states CAPTINMORGUNZ9:101:06:26-19,3521,550
2United states the not so amazing scout8:200:15:192022,4021,526
3United states WaffleCat4:200:27:11977,8631,750
4Peru ۞ A S T A R O T H ۞4:000:55:16-6,96011,940
5United states WebSurfer3:500:46:154033,4428,763
6United states zenlessyank1:000:37:12-54,5186,442
7Mexico Spectre1:001:06:21-8,0653,136
8United states JAW000071:000:43:292633,66012,789
9United states Fruh1:100:33:59-41,8202,895
10United states Doctor Fuji0:001:54:26495,1856,781
11United states Bombeast0:000:17:10-13,1151,543
12United states SNEAKY SNAKE the snake0:000:02:26-4,119-
13Argentina Pablo0:200:05:12-15,3174,389
14United states Rusty Kunz0:001:17:323993,09211,314
15United states Gaben's Favourite0:200:51:05-99059,856
16United states Monster_slayer940:000:48:204741,91810,943
 Team Blue32:1511:47:39-11,989-
1United states UBER NUT5:500:28:32346,9152,759
2United states Tiny Man3:800:22:45-93468,401
3United states dUne2:001:56:462714,3352,766
4United states waffle2:701:04:476404,4293,709
5United states Nezorf2:100:44:15261,03125,956
6Canada kee231:300:11:071017,4351,219
7United states knightwolf1201:200:52:222702,7027,630
8United states MinimeTheGreat1:001:26:486602,11911,612
9United states Tyrese Franklin Jr.0:000:02:01-3,734-
10United states Nix the Glaceon0:000:18:07-97463,159
11United states Demo Knight0:100:18:49-97128,175
12United states Great Tit0:200:24:31-90864,271
13United states tylerb6789100:200:43:415032,66414,944
14United states wwemanjj0:000:05:33-2,062-
15Canada king info0:000:01:01-945-
16United states *F.B.I.* THeavyGuy0:300:12:41456,39319,483
 Team Red17:3409:13:46-3,659-
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