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United states [HG] 24/7 Crackhouse Deathmatch | 100 Tick | gameME | HeLLsGame
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 23/40 Players
Map cs_crackhouse_hg_a2, 11:14:25 hours
Updated 17. Dec 2018 00:15:59
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Russian federation The Tfue of Counter24:600:10:59553,827134,800
2Brazil F0k4L1Z3R-BR18:900:35:03482,447-
3United states Major Boil12:1701:15:565591,614-
4Canada -hg- voltra11:400:25:361793,34749,491
5United states the talented mr. dingleberry™4:200:02:1052,333-
6France SeyRaK4:201:14:14232,411-
7United states Sam_headshot3:200:41:092092,017-
8United states Col Stone2:200:35:054101,41038,745
9Canada *** J P ***1:200:32:43-1,927-
1United states NoSir19:1800:11:02-2,423-
2United states PLS | Casualties {Pόlskӓ}18:1100:05:12972,12969,386
3United states [ŃβĶ] SHARKSICLES13:2400:17:30131,547-
4United states ayyzzz9:1000:05:17251,381-
5United states Uninvited Squatters of America4:800:44:23-1,6359,448
6United states Lord Guss Tarballs4:1700:33:04-1,295-
7Canada TheAverageJo2:600:06:53-1,571-
8United states s.o.b.2:401:39:05-1,535-
9United states FoCuS x ATTACK1:100:06:04531,053-
10United states norcal1:300:12:19301,03016,648
11United states bootsoldja(MUSIC/BEE*R)0:100:26:00-812-
12United states BackStabber0:600:02:26-1,343-
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