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United states  [M|475|M] | Merrill's Marauders | |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 12 (4)/32 Players
Map dod_kalt dod_kalt, 00:02:03 hours
Updated 17. Jan 2019 18:17:07
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1China Ghost_gurad4:000:02:022917,511-
2 Bullseye(-)0:000:01:51-0-
3 Nichols[ZZ]0:000:01:43-0-
4United states [D-D] Gen John Wayne0:000:02:03-1,0567,282
5 Rec.Johnson[5thID]0:000:01:33-0-
6 TheGreenBeret0:000:01:53-0-
7Russian federation soft470:200:02:03-10,904-
8 Rambo0:000:01:28-0-
9United states Chicago Alex-{Chosen 1}0:000:02:03-7,5207,611
1Spain Alerta Warrior1:100:02:031015,1772,450
2China po1:100:02:02846,108-
3Greece Agent_Smith_871:000:02:03814,8311,395
4 HermanZZ0:000:01:52-0-
5 [VIE]Iceman0:000:01:38-0-
6Russian federation dadaboo0:000:02:0218,435-
7Brazil RONIN0:000:02:03146,5195,823
8Germany KarlSchlag0:100:02:03-7,284-
9Russian federation Boriss2280:100:02:02-4,707-
10 PnZ^Elite0:000:01:48-0-
11 VladmirUzconziIIII0:000:01:13-0-
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