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United states  [M|475|M] | Merrill's Marauders | gameME | |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 19 (1)/32 Players
Map dod_avalanche dod_avalanche, 06:24:53 hours
Updated 23. Mar 2019 15:42:42
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Korea, republic of hama5:400:28:2823717,5109,927
2United states [M|475|M] Merrill4:501:07:19361131,797815
3United states DuskyFox7134:100:04:1715132,139-
4Denmark Bro-ccoli3:200:11:491184,120-
5Germany Gargamel2:200:22:2211102,1105,762
6Hong kong ee19421:204:38:0173524,338-
7United states Angel of Retribution1:500:43:036047,1775,249
8Brazil -BacalhauL-0:400:42:371563,53722,457
9Sweden Sgt:Pepper0:200:02:15156,263-
10 Gunny0:000:00:44-0-
11China Toni Online0:000:27:0712355,96311,101
1China ::7:402:31:51182122,5295,702
2Brazil PANTROOOO.AR4:300:05:22791,079-
3Germany Eli David3:200:03:47741,288-
4Korea, republic of CAT2:000:21:1234418,1336,276
5United states ToolMan2:500:25:2822421,83010,545
6United states Dave2:100:08:0412612,478-
7France Ruusskov2:100:03:44402,490-
8United states Vacuum881:300:17:596964,5757,986
9United states Triton™1:400:15:261272,3942,835
10Taiwan SON0:000:01:1611,059-
11 Sephyr[ZZ]0:000:03:09-0-
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