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United states # # # | SKIRMISH | STATS | VOTE | NO LAG # # #
Game Insurgency 2014 Insurgency 2014
Address  [Connect now]
Players 26/32 Players
Map market market, 00:02:38 hours
Updated 12. Dec 2018 22:33:28
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Canada Nic Cage The Science Mage3:000:18:50801,2279,367
2United states Quick2:100:24:17751,53274,617
3United states Desitator1:000:11:32421,316-
4 Igorino1:100:09:4261,00087,753
5Canada Henri1:100:25:413022,2543,967
6United states Hustlepuff1:000:11:31473,0333,369
7United states Nova0:100:18:48101,0102,852
8United states ¥ung$uicid₀0:100:03:5981,179-
9United states Lion0:000:01:33-1,161-
10United states winningthepoo0:001:30:5011916,46213,636
11United states Wiz0:100:03:58-1,105-
12United states Logie Needs Milkie0:000:07:11101,135-
13Sweden Don Hackerman0:100:05:21181,018-
14United states TTK0:000:03:58-1,140-
1United states johnut2:100:56:59272294,2595
2United states BicolorGuide71:100:10:4361,00625,553
3Canada VonLeSwan1:100:11:59327,1952,984
4United states Vanilla Weasels1:100:46:542481,2957,789
5United states PatMan1:000:09:13187,0862,160
6Canada SB_KOTA0:100:51:1522515,05077
7Belize XXXxxxxnameXXXxxxx0:000:12:0441,00082,581
8Poland Karutso0:100:10:48261,048-
9United states Young cLOUD0:000:00:59-998-
10United states Clendz0:000:05:49141,014-
11United states MOON0:000:01:25-171,576-
12United states letortue0:100:18:38484,82189,804
13United states BigManLemon0:000:01:13-1,000-
14Brazil IvanBr-_-0:000:06:42171,017-
15Brazil Coleti0:100:06:4361,006-
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