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United states # # # | SKIRMISH | STATS | VOTE | NO LAG # # #
Game Insurgency 2014 Insurgency 2014
Address  [Connect now]
Players 31/32 Players
Map market market, 00:09:51 hours
Updated 14. Dec 2018 04:43:43
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states John Xena18:001:16:28448296,7026
2United states _jl7:100:10:186913,436156
3United states sterbro2:200:10:18181,07079,952
4United states Wistful Brony2:101:27:391021,10276,269
5Mexico Tony Bamanaboni1:000:10:25281,18186,586
6United states Johnathan135791:000:10:03132,2677,614
7United states johnnymacqx0:200:32:58111,79213,291
8China 冷言0:000:18:5641,00458,828
9Panama [3D]-GannicuS0:200:31:33401,04054,976
10Canada Zogomomo0:201:19:36421,14584,032
11United states VORTEX0:101:40:29931,09375,737
12United states General Nonsense0:000:09:1641,04983,040
13Canada PandaMan220:101:45:241201,37839,682
14United states Gavriel0:200:57:102015,3431,066
15United states Eccentric0:100:33:15-13,3472,216
16United states Barret0:100:09:56291,04920,150
1Canada Aero4:201:31:232701,3068,885
2United states j_matrice3:200:41:391161,16218,253
3United states Sikobae3:200:41:44219,0241,482
4United states widow fucker2:102:39:061541,65178,633
5Canada WHITEY2:300:11:1921,77023,595
6Canada EmceeKoi1:100:18:53261,58410,356
7United states djss1231:300:09:39-996-
8United states Lute1:100:45:38801,45662,195
9Australia Alpha_Alpaca1:200:05:47-1,00033,163
10United states Rosary Pea1:300:23:13601,06061,987
11Canada S P A C E J E S U S0:000:01:37-1,020-
12United states [Spartan]New_2ouL0:300:05:38-1,5617,622
13Philippines ⓈⒺⓊⓁⒼⒾ0:100:08:5661,006-
14United states Wulvyn0:100:09:34-1,03466,575
15United states True Fakts0:400:23:15281,07058,295
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