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United states  [M|475|M] | Merrill's Marauders | Caen | 24/7 | www.dod475th.c
Game Day of Defeat Day of Defeat
Address  [Connect now]
Players 17/32 Players
Map dod_caen, 01:28:38 hours
Updated 23. Sep 2018 06:30:19
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states canon fodder3:800:25:2511129,173287
2United states RedDot3:201:28:3717871,08655
3Argentina TitoPuente2:500:09:23416,466714
4United states Echo_3_32:200:05:05938,915-
5United states cptsagybawlz2:500:20:34871,0872,499
6United states Vinny2:100:59:0120045,546126
7United states [M|475|M] Pirate Pete {A}1:100:56:228575,55563
8United states drv1:100:18:5727612,039254
9Singapore BREEZE_SO_GOOD0:200:02:49143,740-
1United states [M|475|M] sηιρεяℓүғε6:301:28:37442100,11659
2Argentina Sr.Sniper5:200:42:496494,3961,038
3United states grade_A_noob;3:000:21:421841,1841,967
4Australia SS92:200:25:458987,87814
5United states Hanzinator2:100:08:19-26,744106
6United states {HK}Diminicus2:300:11:155255,80924
7New zealand Hans2:400:12:552519,855182
8Argentina RULAN1:300:55:3429024,499529
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