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United states [US - 100Tick] CLASSIC / NEW MAPS | RANKED
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 35/42 Players
Map de_nuke de_nuke, 00:08:32 hours
Updated 14. Dec 2018 01:46:38
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states $ЯH fAiNt5:100:06:03293,569-
2United states nopey5:100:27:362691,9797,269
3Canada Sündhaft3:100:40:382442,4851,958
4United states [pF] Admin arigold3:300:06:2972,513-
5United kingdom richysab1:000:08:25141,04923,339
6United states Frankie 4 Fingers #imutenerds1:200:38:25-3,7481,174
7United states Point_Man1:100:12:04181,0316,229
8Canada Mendoza1:100:11:54551,86723,059
9United states //4 Flashes Cream of Cheat0:000:33:46-3,4951,550
10United states ThRiLLHoUsE0:000:01:20-2,375-
11United states johnnyACE0:100:10:46-2,3194,198
12Canada NYC Diesel (Upstairs)0:100:40:502162,6284,147
13United states PLUS0:000:02:49-1,413-
14United states Dr. Hax0:100:28:392941,44614,029
1United states JuicyFruit4:200:18:05921,51412,329
2Puerto rico osVa3:100:03:25103,872-
3United states Ƒ/Noir- Aurelius2:100:44:271973,2321,302
4France -SKULL-2:400:27:56221,0225,008
5United states //4 Flashes chknman2:300:04:59-4,535-
6United states Ƒ/Noir- Simon Temp|ar2:300:54:323153,2181,943
7Canada ♣PoGo1:000:19:43152,3324,034
8United states /kush1:300:25:53664,2521,391
9United states Parka0:101:11:25191,70513,451
10Spain Tres (ESP)0:100:32:53693,1642,658
11United states [U][A]-Steyn0:300:33:55913,509995
12United states thatwasacooltrick0:500:36:48-941137,309
13United states 6ix9ineThePedo0:200:05:01-1,035-
14Canada spruce0:100:10:39-2,7854,326
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