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United states illegal Adaptive bots !
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 5 (14)/45 Players
Map cs_italy cs_italy, 00:22:33 hours
Updated 20. Apr 2018 18:11:09
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1 illegaL. 4Side_Show_Bob3:200:05:53575,169-
2 illegaL. 1Ironman1:100:11:56604,540-
3 illegaL. 3Severus_Snape1:300:06:501613,762-
4 illegaL. 3Red_Skull1:400:11:56319,604-
5 illegaL. 3Nicholas_Cage0:000:08:293212,053-
6 illegaL. 2Jack_Sparrow0:100:08:29608,446-
7 illegaL. 2Sandman0:100:08:281144,331-
8 illegaL. 2Kevin_Owens0:000:11:56395,479-
9 illegaL. 3Davey_Jones0:100:02:48-8,108-
10 illegaL. 2Chewie0:000:10:43506,747-
11 illegaL. 3Carnage0:100:11:56349,115-
12 illegaL. 3Nurse_Rachet0:000:11:56449,939-
13 illegaL. 4Michael_Myers0:000:04:40203,274-
14 illegaL. 3Leatherface0:100:02:48-7,637-
1United states -=£Í=- Wickedkiller1420:300:43:0512307,074-
2United states (s0phICAL) -Socrates-11:200:12:412664,834-
3United states ɪllegʌL.. Carnivoire7:200:45:07161010,670-
4Canada BlackHand0:100:03:11-29,506-
5United states X-Ray Cat0:000:12:371207,212-
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