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United states | MARIO_KART_2 | 100% CRITS - INSTANT RESPAWN
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 16/30 Players
Map mario_kart_2_v36, 14:33:34 hours
Updated 20. Jan 2018 01:45:48
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United kingdom Litvyak4:201:07:129047,807797
2United states The avali triage3:201:13:525662,226-
3United states BIG SMOKE2:100:45:30-9,381-
4United states paoche0:000:42:512301,227-
5Australia jessii0:300:03:56-994-
6United states Deus Vult0:000:06:29274,575-
7United states reaper0:000:07:27252,799-
8United kingdom A Bag Full of Innocent Kittens0:000:08:172625,063-
 Team Blue9:804:15:34-6,759-
1United states Admiral Piett4:202:20:3844213,685-
2United states ZinZin4:102:29:4611362,279-
3United states MikE WaZOOsKi3:400:08:12976,473-
4United states [AE] Tank2:101:13:501135,825-
5United states eekroeker1:000:12:32426,781-
6United states ashinator501/ SPIFF0:000:06:24-5,61030,710
7Argentina martinianopro500:001:31:26-669-
8United states xlgr250:300:47:09-880-
 Team Red14:1108:49:57-5,275-
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