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United states  gloveworks ◈ AWP ONLY ◈ NO BHOP ◈ !ws knife gloves ◈
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 22/31 Players
Map awp_india_v2, 00:01:29 hours
Updated 18. Feb 2019 23:51:39
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Chokelele1:100:01:34-4,57111,175
2United states Sebs1:100:01:33-3,043-
3United states TWICE❤ ✪ 싸펑피펑 ?0:000:01:33-5,432-
4United states RespectWaman Noogey0:200:16:51412,543-
5United states Doge0:000:01:30-6,044-
6United states mlgsanicexe0:000:01:33-1,042-
7United states trad0:000:01:33-2,355-
8United states Foster0:100:01:33-6,265-
9United states KaLihi-0:000:01:33-3,328-
10United states Tree0:000:01:33-2,540-
11United states kick lock suck my cock0:000:01:33-2,181-
12United states Greggie0:000:01:33-1,024-
1United states autimaticTV arkbird9:600:16:51-4,118-
2United states Im a dog2:000:01:33291,739-
3United states AWPOtaku Δ『 Twistedッ 』Δ1:100:03:13-4,316-
4Canada CHNGBNG unpoppable1:000:01:3393,379-
5United states Pen37530:000:01:3321,254-
6United states zlateh(0:000:01:34-5,748-
7United states Papa Bless0:000:01:4121,477-
8United states Kixer0:100:01:33-3,27628,964
9United states uVape MUST PROTECCC0:000:01:3321,191-
10United states AWPOtaku kennyEN0:000:16:48-5,865-
11United states ilikefruitt tomato0:000:01:3324,786-
12United states Sir.pin0:000:01:3321,23629,541
13United states Miku Nakano0:100:01:33-2,111-
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