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United states >XI< #1| Push | Stats | 128hz |
Game Insurgency 2014 Insurgency 2014
Address  [Connect now]
Players 25/32 Players
Map sinjar sinjar, 00:21:59 hours
Updated 19. Aug 2018 11:31:37
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states Vicious3:200:40:411231,29226,549
2Venezuela Logas1:201:06:001131,11328,502
3United states 昭和409Fred1:200:42:531921,1926,290
4Bosnia and herzegovina Balkan_Pajcer1:300:09:06-1,000-
5Serbia laza1:000:15:341141,1145,588
6United states BRO9monkey41:300:04:38-1,297-
7France ISmokeShady0:000:20:23541,054103,851
8Serbia Sodi01 (NO VEGAN)0:100:15:44451,045-
9United states The Biz0:000:33:061072,301526
10Russian federation AVeR0:100:08:13111,159-
11United kingdom Howard The Alien0:100:02:23-990-
12Russian federation Praise the Satan0:000:27:44111,01139,742
13United kingdom LARRY WHEELS0:000:23:16381,03853,258
1Ukraine НЕАДЕКВАТ4:300:25:19-2,195606
2United states 갈비순두부2:400:06:10-1,676-
3Russian federation Первоход2:000:21:0491,4291,610
4United states Plank2:000:23:19551,006112,450
5United states Banana1:000:55:351322,737134
6Russian federation TheProsto_61:000:27:43431,04334,471
7United states [Σ] repta45 [God of Booty]1:100:27:2971,00792,327
8United states Sana0:200:53:48351,035100,092
9Colombia Letty0:100:32:2381,00850,822
10United states Dono0:000:18:43231,02314,566
11United states Aurelion0:100:21:47641,12666,921
12Netherlands TobyDeTeckel0:100:43:25-1,181110,644
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