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United states [xG] Trade Gaming History -
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 19/32 Players
Map trade_rogueport_xgfix, 00:59:30 hours
Updated 19. Feb 2019 00:00:42
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states lxGl UltraReiki6:200:57:43283348,062-
2United kingdom [xG:A] Bonfire3:500:33:5476875,71411,334
3United states WantMyMTV2:100:08:583888,902-
4United states lekoboys1:100:57:2355613,1068,353
5United states Silence1:000:17:36211,021-
6United kingdom xG:DM | Tekk0:000:49:3246327,05519,837
7United states Octough0:000:00:37-75,9678,325
8United states suit10:000:24:1130927,54929,298
9United states Kim Flex Machine0:300:16:5010887,195-
 Team Blue13:1204:26:44-204,952-
1United states Evan5:501:27:2995415,656-
2Canada try harder3:001:03:42152454,3025,266
3United states [xG] Puddin' Pops2:200:23:42111173,932-
4United states Timicc2:400:34:34961,09626,519
5United states toasty tyrant2:301:26:19142637,381-
6United states Dalinair1:100:28:2741630,09937,942
7United states Deko1:100:12:2112035,783-
8United states kliffer661:000:01:422628,200-
9United states Just a Brotherhood Palidan0:200:08:55472,01654,774
 Team Red17:1805:47:11-42,052-
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