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United states ! [vQ37] GOLMUD RAILWAY HOBOS | FAST VEH | STATS | vQ37.ORG
Game Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
Players 19/64 Players
Map cql_journey cql_journey, 00:03:10 hours
Updated 23. Apr 2018 07:39:41
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states uknowitsme1870:000:34:522141,21429,073
2United states [SYKO] Undisputedtalent0:001:07:438862,71214,609
3Canada [0STI] Arbacus010:002:06:1025285,3361,538
4United states Flakjacker0:003:09:318611,87445,896
5United states yeknom20100:001:21:0811042,1045,838
6United states lBlackBubblesl0:001:53:165541,55443,245
7United states s7xstr7ng0:000:04:40-1,659-
8United states Backwards1ONE0:001:50:2815593,0297,585
9United states Looneyman0:001:18:071866,33846,558
 Chinese Army0:013:25:55-2,869-
1United states MikeyMoeTv0:002:06:216621,66227,400
2United states NemesisLynx0:002:06:217011,701-
3Costa rica [RICK] rick13h0:001:03:456855,9112,361
4United states [vQ37] Freasier0:004:38:002660106,4902,700
5United states CubanAssassin100:000:06:4246,98613,850
6United states G-Wolf20120:000:41:5129511,0689,991
7United states [BtF] Vale-Of-Shadows0:000:39:243452,368965
8United states B4ttle_H4wk0:002:04:37117026,93343,304
9United states [BtF] Gelphling0:001:39:26131313,1651,597
10Colombia camachoide0:000:03:35-1,545-
 Russian Army0:015:10:02-17,783-
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