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United states ! [vQ37] GOLMUD RAILWAY HOBOS | FAST VEH | vQ37.ORG
Game Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4
Players 16/64 Players
Map cql_journey cql_journey, 00:11:30 hours
Updated 23. Oct 2017 06:23:42
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states M1Diesel3:100:45:1843194,765653
2United states [vQ37] CrotalusHH1:002:10:34960103,15620,186
3United states [vQ37] 2BrokenRuberz1:302:02:49204023,96855
4United states ith1nkimapanda1:001:23:5612068,6593,947
5United states [vQ37] PucksU21:002:17:1218615,7723,805
6United states RohsiK6280:000:03:10-2,352-
7 allengibby0:400:04:38-1,35214,815
8United states CAPF_Pvt0:000:10:58-1,00118,084
9United states mariomamg0:201:04:22743117,2204,795
 Chinese Army7:1010:02:57-39,805-
1United states ArRoWsBlOoD5:100:25:2819577,29413,025
2United states atray06014:100:30:37851,1299,367
3United states Freasier2:202:23:311396356,561214
4United states Dillusion80150:000:31:29831,44311,589
5United states Synaptic70:000:01:33-10,021-
6Canada TheSqueege220:100:33:332941,30810,113
7United states EliteCephalopod0:100:31:161261,126-
8United states [Srgt] TheSrgtThunder0:103:04:38221190,7823,575
 Russian Army11:708:02:05-67,458-
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