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Russian federation CSGO DEATHMATCH ONLY 18+
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 20/64 Players
Map de_dust2_night de_dust2_night, 00:37:30 hours
Updated 16. Jul 2018 06:57:36
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Kazakstan Silver II7:1300:35:00661,37499,064
2Russian federation One_Shot_One_Kill6:800:03:56-1,526-
3Kazakstan cold codeine6:500:35:27-1,80916,602
4Russian federation KAMIKADZE3:300:31:141521,19054,314
5Ukraine GG.BET ★ Žvëždøčhkä ★0:000:05:56221,014-
6Brazil << P888 | BR >>0:000:05:13-996-
7Kyrgyzstan 5balls Bu1ochka0:100:05:55141,014-
8Russian federation Renata0:400:15:13-947-
1Russian federation -DeViCe--10:400:16:371421,36656,390
2Russian federation ·Bubbly·6:1100:54:49751,93241,079
3Russian federation какашка ИЛЬИЧ5:200:19:211901,190-
4Russian federation Shark5:200:22:11431,039-
5Russian federation ***Yuliya2018****2:100:20:01231,448-
6Russian federation LY.LY.JAZ1:000:25:26961,455100,277
7Russian federation EZIC1:400:32:28-879105,657
8Russian federation Dandy1:200:53:54951,71082,116
9Ukraine Moki1:600:28:129999108,085
10Russian federation алермо0:001:28:371171,41393,829
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