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Russian federation |ДЕТИ 90-X| [PUBLIC] [NO-STEAM]
Game Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 28/64 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 00:39:09 hours
Updated 24. Jun 2017 01:57:09
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Russian federation Ebaw-kak» M9sKo8:001:39:34-12,007249
2Turkey !SeRgEi3:300:10:20111,011-
3Russian federation Extreme Alice2:000:44:192277,833428
4Russian federation KRYSTAL2:000:06:46241,05012,794
5Ukraine -KIRUKATO-1:100:03:0584,0925,802
6Russian federation Tarb1:100:27:15-9,088772
7Russian federation Shadow.irk0:100:09:35-2,48510,274
8Germany Ha Haxyu # RMP:Зверь'0:101:49:27375,9712,670
9Russian federation ReapeR0:101:16:55982,5685,741
10Russian federation Techno1630:001:25:39-5,0452,768
11Russian federation ARTEM0:002:26:205522,01512,074
12Russian federation Cesk770:100:41:212263,4354,655
13Denmark LTDariusDK0:001:10:043222,2739,858
1Russian federation † C H I C A N O †3:202:01:46-8,147991
2Russian federation breaks293:100:01:3847,5121,111
3United kingdom ☠_Itachi_☠1:300:40:01631,09921,399
4Ukraine legend v34 *C l a s s i k* M a n*1:200:37:501693,4483,625
5Russian federation |OPG™| MARGON1:200:19:42-4,4323,734
6Germany Mихa1:203:04:09-6,8251,795
7Russian federation [AdminSe7en] Russian girl1:402:58:29-6,8841,544
8Russian federation Sergey871:200:46:1398,311588
9Russian federation AGGRESSIVE Котхлеб0:000:00:40-5,7871,486
10Russian federation ТЮБИК0:300:46:22-5,6762,952
11Kazakstan Адвокат0:000:32:551014,1495,436
12Russian federation krbn0:001:22:191501,50761,907
13Russian federation [Play Dalnoboy]Sergey 50 (RUS)0:200:05:12-998-
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