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India iGC | [FATALITY]- ^HynoNNNNNNNN* -N- VS. B!G B0$$ In Progress
Game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map de_dust2_cz de_dust2_cz, 00:03:56 hours
Updated 19. Jan 2018 16:48:15
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1India RAJ4:100:03:56838,436-
2India RoNe4:100:03:551377,415427
3India -F[T]L^ | hoyt3:200:03:55594,585-
4India -F[T]L^ | -Ajjuu.^2:200:03:57-16,141-
5India G.0.K.U.//'''''^_^''''''''''2:200:03:5429,971-
6India RAVAN < KAKA >2:100:03:59657,179269
7India -F[T]L^ | Wh4T <3 DhoNi2:200:03:58621,67522
8India -F[T]L^ | KakashiHatake.1:200:03:33-7,373-
9India F@rH@n ThE PrO1:200:03:57-26,89319
10Malaysia LowCoMotiev[DisCo]0:200:03:51-3,055-
11India -F[T]L^ |***rockey***0:200:03:55-17,153-
12India -F[T]L^ | DBZ0:100:03:57-5,282435
13India |~SpUnKi~|0:100:03:57-8,230236
14India -=|eRGod|=- Shubham J #aim to0:200:03:54-8,716143
15India -F[T]L^ | -SHA[D]OW^0:200:03:56-10,944-
16India -F[T]L^ | KakashiHatake.0:000:03:54-988-
1India -F[T]L^ | DIVYANSH||devil insid4:100:03:551642,586-
2India C]-[InU.wOw~~#iZnoGouD^3:100:03:184910,943102
3India Ronin d|o_o|b2:200:03:5776,821-
4India buck2:100:03:50284,574-
5India B!G B0$$2:100:03:575511,149-
6India PriY@nShU2:200:03:561820,34832
7 -F[T]L^ | SaKsHU2:100:03:55357,901-
8India Macchhi1:200:03:58-13,202-
9India -[Bk]^ |K[!]LL3尺B[3]A$Ť1:200:03:58264,844357
10India (^-^)1:100:03:5378,894-
11India -R[a]in ~ftw1:200:03:562612,14668
12India Rhaegar1:100:03:5696,05290
13India -F[T]L^ | Hunter Killer0:200:03:30-5,464-
14India -F[T]L^ | Hunter Killer0:000:03:5471,010-
15India VIRAJ0:000:01:40-2,734-
16India Sapna <3__aLc}{emiZt__#nAllA0:200:03:57-16,80241
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