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India iGC |[TitaNs]- T!^aNs || ~MA|)}{AV~ VS. T!^aNs || Noob.cfx In Progress
Game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map de_dust2_cz de_dust2_cz, 00:03:26 hours
Updated 19. Jan 2018 16:48:27
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1India $hYaM_$.k_RajpuT ~~w#w~~5:200:03:29211,209742
2India HUGH JACKMAN AKA WOLVERINE5:100:03:23175,44161
3India M@H@BALI>>>>>>>4:100:03:28162,056-
4India Zoom^3:100:03:3128928190
5India COCAINE2:200:03:2285,857-
6India T!^aNs || ~MA|)}{AV~2:100:03:281316,0148
7 T!^aNs || Geometry1:200:03:1721,326-
8India BADBOY0:200:03:23-2,743-
9India JJ0:200:03:29-2,832-
10India -F[T]L^ | CheTu0:000:01:03-2,502-
11India T!^aNs || [K]r[I]s[H]n[A] =4u~0:000:00:4347,761-
12India <<STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN>>0:000:01:25-1,012-
13India Sad mouse click khrab0:100:02:24-21,378-
14 Ulltra pallan0:100:03:29-1,012-
15India Pk0:000:00:33-1,867-
16India ^X]I[G^# - Anonymous15090:000:03:302589125
1India T!^aNs || Arnold3:200:03:27827,0151
2India T!^aNs || Noob.cfx3:200:03:24-47,0592
3India terminator3:100:03:27281,083-
4India Kingsman1:200:03:28-3,471-
5India JERUSELUM1:100:03:28201,711-
6India MEGATRON Sr. -=l xYThian l=-1:100:03:21-1,902575
7India T!^aNs || M@STER MIND1:100:03:26-4,9627
8India .::kalam.:: # BacKKKKKK1:200:03:25-999-
9India SCAVENGER1:200:03:27-3,187171
10India I R O N M A N0:200:03:30-1,894-
11India SpIdEr MaN0:200:03:27-1,030-
12India asjsahsskdsdsdsmds0:000:03:2828985-
13India HP :)0:200:03:24-1,123-
14India B E A S T0:100:03:2712,216-
15India T!^aNs || PrO~(wow)0:100:02:12-2,916-
16India Player0:000:03:28-2,108-
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