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India iGC | [T!^aNs War] Gamerz VS. _=_Prince VrIsHaNk_=_ In Progress
Game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map de_dust2_cz de_dust2_cz, 01:11:39 hours
Updated 18. Aug 2018 14:13:47
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1India xD___BoT___xD4:300:05:01171,245245
2India Khoon3:200:51:182401,721-
3India Varun2:100:22:40661,313-
4India |ol2:000:51:3917719,08019
5India _=_Prince VrIsHaNk_=_2:100:20:59-8,984-
6India VENKATESH1:100:16:45-965-
7India $hubh@m is king1:100:08:49-9,133-
8India tayson1:201:11:3629959-
9India Ken Ley >>>1:000:01:3461,028-
10India $LiMsH@Dy0:100:18:02461,151796
11India OPPP0:000:05:1571,699-
12India Jr_N@GE$h_0:100:01:35-2,416-
13India T!^aNs || aNIKet0:101:08:19521,696-
14India Shashank0:200:40:43701,168-
15India FURY^0:200:22:25-7,247-
16India __deatheater__0:300:55:3013568243
1India Kratos6:301:11:412005,72260
2India ~~ <<< kI$HaN.$k.RajpuT >>> ~~6:000:22:011203,075-
3India -kap0.^4:200:12:11555,74930
4India .4:001:07:243066,61226
5India CHI-CHI DO U LOVE ME ?1:101:11:3718614,24621
6India T!^aNs || Pablo Escobar1:200:29:43921,357-
7India Guru_dreamboy1:100:03:17181,147-
8India T!^aNs || S.A.S1:100:20:58-4,655-
9India Gamerz1:101:05:331364,599-
10India !!||T!^aNs aniket dj dhumall||1:200:23:00141,343-
11India dR.iDiOt0:100:10:01-2,752-
12India T!^aNs || solo0:100:00:59-4,802-
13India C O O L ( K H A N )0:100:17:56365,45073
14India T!^aNs || N3pTuN30:200:09:36-1,342-
15India T!^aNs || solo0:000:05:3141,206-
16India T!^aNs || `FL@SH [4] EveR^0:100:07:19416,47323
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