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India -=_(LPC)_=--{WaR-On}--ZerO.30(Vs.)fuckER In Progress
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map de_inferno de_inferno, 00:39:34 hours
Updated 19. Jul 2018 19:00:36
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1India L 3 G 3 N D___K 1 L L 3 R3:200:42:26648,513248
2India BRA PANTY KA THOK VIKRETA3:100:42:25257,6923,722
3India ST[r]iKeR.wOw~3:300:05:02410,0351,561
4India Miles AwP mode3:100:31:115810,618667
5India OGGY3:200:12:04215,1579,695
6India NeHa CuTe GIRL !!!2:200:42:272945,4681,520
7India Sumit692:100:39:34677,6752,496
8India DHARMATMA卐︻芫デ==一1:300:06:17-8,9862,522
9India -=_(LPC)_=- | -_~ElfY~_-0:200:27:18248,1231,706
10India GOLI MERI G@ND TERI0:100:42:23308,187594
11India look ;0:100:14:23-8,2081,264
12India fuckER0:100:42:27338,3001,105
13India AVJ_NO_FUCKS0:100:42:262094,6411,363
14India B[B]K!^$HaWnFrO$T(lOsT @!M)0:000:05:4274,8791,355
15India PoWeR PL@Y0:000:42:213583,5793,759
16India |^Ap0c@lips3^|0:000:42:241412,252138
1India -$- #Sad FPS :(6:200:42:251910,879272
2India caDBuRy`3:100:15:19-10,023880
3India LaG. KeNz03:200:08:48-10,253500
4India Waduuuuuhek!3:200:42:27-8,971717
5India -=]^ExZ^[=- Mr.AGamer |Maratha|2:300:06:32110,569446
6India AP^nsnd1:000:06:09243,83912,280
7Oman TiT@1:100:40:0371,110-
8India Singh G0:100:14:31-6,9782,192
9India hybrid0:100:03:0631,08068,978
10India Blue0:000:42:21-6,3775,429
11India BiG BoY 104 KG.0:100:42:23224,558-
12India Bonda :)0:000:42:216910,527297
13India UniVeRsE0:100:42:23-10,252703
14India D R A G L O R D~0:000:42:25-11,441235
15India Mr. Chow0:000:07:40-8,3946,931
16India Mr.Steam0:100:16:06-5,67713,648
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