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United states NAS | GunSLinGeRs CSDM | gameME |FastDL 1000 FPS/NYC|
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 21 (2)/32 Players
Map de_dust2 de_dust2, 00:08:17 hours
Updated 19. Apr 2018 21:29:52
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states ANDREI_ZP19:1800:05:06641,481,121-
2United states Skiller Pro+7:700:07:36541,054-
3United states Rzeczny Skurwiel7:600:08:01311,031-
4United states indigo2:200:05:56481,048-
5United states Yusuf2:300:06:21391,039-
6United states BAJA MALI KNINDZA0:000:32:36-1,999,6075,129
7United states PAVEL.ee0:000:30:065501,550-
8 A-Money0:1600:08:17-0-
9United states LOL =D0:000:33:515451,545-
1United states ?????????????_??????????32:1400:05:31961,096-
2United states Danger(Perigo) - NX24:1500:04:41721,072-
3United states M4A1 Pr0 :)9:1200:08:26472,005,578-
4United states enzOOOOOOOOOO*?!7:700:07:111271,127-
5United states DOKER!!!5:500:06:46-998-
6 MoonLight0:700:08:17-0-
7United states SK^_FanWest0:000:30:314781,478-
8Venezuela EL GUAJIRO TACHON0:004:03:0520165,638-
9United states xtE^^0:000:33:267601,760-
10United states MiSha/PAXIB0:000:31:214071,407-
11United states chuck norris - FP0:000:33:017791,779-
12United states l*XyL[i]gaN4eG*l0:000:32:115921,592-
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