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United states NAS | GunSLinGeRs CSDM | gameME |FastDL 1000 FPS/NYC|
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 20 (2)/32 Players
Map aim_bender, 00:08:59 hours
Updated 12. Dec 2017 13:03:23
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states BaJIeHok Cu6upckuu20:1600:08:351571,431,756305
2United states 294812848412490820421094210940118:1600:09:002631,438,059168
3United states Covishok13:1700:08:502411,039,843427
4Macedonia, the former yugoslav r AAAA10:1600:10:474162,756-
5Venezuela EL GUAJIRO TACHON0:000:02:24-28,414-
6United states zaidem penkiese domino0:000:34:056301,040,224477
7 Dr. DeathLight0:500:08:57-0-
8United states Robert <3 Iza :30:000:34:263881,427,204253
9United states KriTiK0:000:59:328251,028,608404
10United states T Round Non Stop BOT0:001:00:05-1,051,278363
11United states Dz_Algeria # Amire Ali #0:000:33:565641,030,446262
12United states CepBa4ek[rus]Pablic0:000:59:427521,032,747281
13United states ???.??????0:000:33:413971,428,773394
14United states Joker)0:000:59:079721,032,447526
1United states MSI GAMING21:1700:09:052381,037,981424
2United states Paff983[Rus] - XQ19:1100:08:402401,051,456175
3United states Aleksey R.12:800:08:551891,438,131228
4United states *---8:1400:08:451411,041,673296
5United states 1onutzz7:1000:08:191311,426,770723
6United states pazcha - IF2:100:01:09191,028,734-
7United states Mr.DH0`0:000:33:463811,431,121214
8United states AIMBROTHERS0:000:33:515411,043,843339
9 djquest0:1300:08:56-0-
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