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United states NAS | GunSLinGeRs CSDM | gameME |FastDL 1000 FPS/NYC|
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 25 (2)/32 Players
Map fy_icevalley, 00:09:29 hours
Updated 19. Oct 2018 00:21:14
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states SharK15:1400:08:41931,093-
2United states enzOOOOOOOOOO*?!15:1500:09:17-996-
3Russian federation NooK14:500:10:498414,702-
4United states TocSyk11:1600:08:1741,004-
5United states Good Luck5:700:07:41-1,698,793-
6United states 7775:1100:08:05-979-
7United states ewq0:000:33:05-1,372,617-
8 PhazerLazer0:2400:09:20-0-
9United states OIIoJL4eHeC0:000:34:184781,478-
10United states ANDREI_ZP0:000:34:423201,320-
11United states UniquL0:000:33:415951,595-
12United states .TINY.0:100:12:142381,23839,750
1United states rakk22:500:34:54845804,676-
2United states ZLOY21:1600:08:53491,723,541-
3United states ZLOY18:900:08:29-1,707,995-
4Canada [gprime]Ga13:600:07:481061,096-
5United states daly11:1400:09:05-1,348,022-
6United states teq10:800:07:53701,070-
7United states HA:K0:200:09:29351,035-
8United states CumShot0:000:34:064631,463-
9 clash with ash0:1300:09:20-0-
10Ecuador SW/FORIFAIFA/+_+0:000:14:3215614,043-
11United states LewaUA0:000:33:543491,349-
12United states Hitler0:000:33:302531,253-
13United states Fury0:000:33:173901,390-
14United states ArRoW0:000:34:30-1,713,931-
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