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United states T}{E W!NnErS - Public
Game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Address  [Connect now]
Players 14/32 Players
Map awp_wings, 00:03:26 hours
Updated 18. Jan 2018 16:42:55
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1India ^W!NnErS | new sensi :/7:400:03:237117,501-
2India ^W!NnErS | B]-[@V$@R2:300:03:09-7,523-
3India ROSHAN.K2:300:03:24452,704-
4India JaK.2:400:03:16230,487-
5India .!.!. Tr0z0n .!.!.1:100:02:30184,747-
6India Dark soul0:300:03:2431,632-
7India TONY STARK0:300:03:2117,334-
8Saudi arabia Soul Snatcher0:200:02:51-1,603-
1India ^W[4]E | FD GOD10:100:03:0712210,432-
2India ~m3[G]awaTT^4:300:03:081312,898-
3India ^W!NnErS | 0rIenTaTioN3:300:03:093216,844-
4India ^W!NnErS | CAGE3:300:03:242928,63778
5India ^W!NnErS | #Ƀя[ϴ]ѥҙמ ~3:200:03:233811,114-
6India MADARCHOD0:100:02:3551,062-
7India Warlord !! Learning AWP !!0:000:01:02106,145-
8India ^W!NnErS | $D #AFK~0:000:01:091014,871-
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