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United states 1st Marine Raider Battalion | HLStatsX | FF | Medic |
Game Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source
Address  [Connect now]
Players 25/32 Players
Map dod_donner dod_donner, 00:02:59 hours
Updated 22. Feb 2019 23:39:32
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Sweden JP5:000:02:58113,50030
2United states ylblues_shadow4:200:02:58221,1961,776
3Argentina Oni3:000:02:5789723,392
4Sweden Pvt. Barge [34th ID]3:000:02:58123,22935
5United states hobo3:200:02:58121,750613
6Denmark tinytimidfluffybunny2:000:02:587965981
7United states I Guess so2:100:02:5859785,694
8Ireland Brian1:200:02:5811,698925
9France Artemis1:000:02:58489615,661
10United states blind shot1:100:02:58-1,1821,541
11Denmark Johansen :)0:000:02:5813,005119
12Germany hs2000t0:000:01:26-1,150-
1United states Angler2:300:02:58-1,2062,641
2Finland Conan2:300:02:57-1,1092,492
3Belgium ] bayo [ => Rasmoquette2:200:02:58141,3351,234
4United states joe1:300:02:58-1,2291,713
5United states Hellbound1:200:02:58-1,0372,456
6Finland Alfred Jodl Kwak1:200:02:5751,3672,984
7United states AKITA0:200:02:58-1,7001,101
8United states Der0:100:02:58-1,010-
9United states acesneakyduckyroar0:200:02:58-2,081381
10Brazil Brothers0:200:02:53-948-
11Turkey NoName0:000:02:5711,699746
12Spain Imperio Español0:200:02:57-682-
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