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United states FH | [1v1 Arena] ~ Seattle ~ | 128 Tick | Ranks |
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 24/24 Players
Map am_banana, 00:12:56 hours
Updated 22. Jul 2018 07:13:30
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states closest.num.2.06:600:13:36554,051-
2United states Formalitty6:400:04:17105,624-
3Canada worst biceps genetics5:100:20:371164,522-
4United states mikebolt4:500:15:4964,864-
5Canada guy4:200:12:35974,538-
6Canada TheGuudSucc4:700:05:3041,018-
7United states Freebies3:300:07:14325,356130,318
8United states KhuntKrusader1:800:05:43-997-
9United states khorm1:100:01:40-3,819-
10United states Grimm1:200:07:38483,911-
11Mexico Christrool1:200:19:12161,016-
12Canada EternalEnvY1:000:35:341843,332-
13United states 4NG0:100:25:28-4,857136,240
1United states DRix11:900:12:042082,043-
2United states ChrisR7:500:05:15143,908-
3United states Bad5:600:14:21363,371132,399
4Canada Banana5:500:03:54131,013-
5United states _snowY_ {Unus.}4:1000:44:011652,382-
6United states equaviruz3:400:03:3981,079-
7United states Matt1:000:13:17-5,548-
8Mexico Gorgolio1:100:36:061473,639-
9Canada Peak-iwnl-1:000:37:223422,208-
10United states Nate3k (ACCT SELLER)1:000:01:33142,111-
11United states Wrecknaut0:100:05:49401,338-
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