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 [PrG] ::1v1-Arena::PRIME ONLY|Chicago|Custom Rounds
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 30/30 Players
Map am_crashz_dust_v2, 00:01:22 hours
Updated 17. Dec 2018 00:07:12
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states p0lz_ps6:100:14:38383,239-
2Puerto rico I lick gum4:600:13:27162,909-
3United states ❤Darling Zucaner3:100:05:51111,871-
4United states ✪JayPee™2:100:01:3774,010-
5United states SHOES1:200:01:3761,915-
6Costa rica LPP Gaming Kad61 CS.MONEY1:200:01:57-1,703-
7United states doctor.zeebers1:200:01:37102,102-
8United states Juice1:100:01:36-1,738258,908
9Ecuador ✪ Alvaro "Alby"swap.gg1:200:01:37-2,816-
10United states Baubee0:000:01:20-2,466-
11United states MLKBread Bandit-Eli0:100:01:36-1,000-
12United states Vistic0:000:04:33-2,014-
13United states Yeeeeeeeeeeeeet0:300:01:37-1,396-
14United states eznys0:500:14:38191,696-
15United states NERO |󠀡󠀡 DaddyHC♡0:300:01:39-4,204-
16United states XI0:200:14:13152,317-
17United states i69Lolice0:200:01:37-1,001-
18United states Flap Slap0:000:08:17-2,825-
19United states 2Noctis0:000:05:13-993-
1United states scifly3:100:01:37153,363-
2United states Nick3:000:01:37301,720-
3United states richard owens2:100:01:3733,761-
4United states cheater Russiaman2:000:01:37171,199-
5United states Hex2072:000:01:36171,063-
6United states SaucySausage1:000:01:3551,540-
7Canada s^1:100:01:37-1,893-
8United states Depressed muffins1:000:01:3761,815-
9United states Iz_Me Slightly Extra Kal1:100:01:3751,569-
10United states Juanito0:000:01:17-3,340-
11Canada n4irrr-iwnl-0:000:07:44-2,195-
12United states oop0:000:14:38142,76184,821
13United states young yoyo man0:000:01:22-1,313-
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