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 [PrG] ::1v1-Arena::PRIME ONLY|Chicago|Custom Rounds
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 26/34 Players
Map am_crashz_dust_v2, 00:06:42 hours
Updated 17. Feb 2019 01:13:26
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states RottenPJ4:400:03:34152,027-
2United states Rumple Miltskin4:300:06:55602,834-
3United states GmSuk PayrolePyro4:300:02:4744,735-
4United states Luis Montero3:400:06:55501,068-
5Canada Fiddledoo3:000:06:55492,027-
6United states _Kevin3:100:06:55151,024-
7United states S.A.S destroyer3:400:06:55821,621-
8United states PsycoCobra2:200:06:54431,591-
10Ecuador Burrito2:100:06:54192,295-
11United states Mike2:300:06:55-2,579-
12United states ✪ Catgar0:300:06:55292,471-
13United states EllieBelly_240:100:05:13191,476-
1United states UwUanimeg4m3r675:000:03:33311,737-
2United states Rh£d*4:300:06:55-3,325-
3United states WeS.4:300:19:41-1,710-
4United states TMDEI jordanH1104:100:06:55182,062-
5United states Alberto Barbosa3:300:06:55381,757-
6United states Prinkle3:400:06:55501,207-
7Canada EZ KATKA2:500:06:56281,188-
8United states Hentai!・ Robert Long Shlong2:100:06:55111,662-
9United states GUCCI ANXIETY虞2:100:06:56175,295-
10United states Dubov2:000:06:08394,747-
11United states HINDUZ ✪ YoUxSHE1:200:02:54-4,406-
12United states sandE1:000:01:1543,178-
13Venezuela ✪ PYSKE0:000:01:15-2,177-
14United states 1230:200:03:33-997-
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