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United states | 24/7 Hightower | Vanilla No Ads | Virginia
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 18/18 Players
Map plr_hightower plr_hightower, 05:47:03 hours
Updated 18. Feb 2018 23:15:01
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1United states HeliumMonkeys4:200:19:079595,217-
2Peru Nine2:000:33:5121661,611-
3United states SmallS◣2:000:02:4091,019-
4United states HowGeneric1:200:55:154312,984-
5United states jamessearight0:300:21:03-998-
6United states Zafar12390:200:22:59161,016-
7United states zetae0:000:06:04-1,009-
8United states Dragon-of-Metal0:000:35:481962,910-
 Team Blue9:903:16:47-20,846-
1United states [FP] RTK2:100:43:2123241,85216,476
2United states SquishwardTortellini1:101:22:1930122,152-
3Mexico Leonixster1:100:13:30733,393-
4United states Wave Bagel1:300:08:3774104,7856,527
5Canada MegaJump0:100:05:23220,919-
6United states Sara The Selebrity0:100:03:11663,899-
7United states Journalism Jack0:000:26:509753,665-
8United states deltaV0:101:02:3123814,746-
9United states ϟ TheHornyPastryPuffer0:000:33:4527432,5092,431
 Team Red5:904:39:27-39,769-
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