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Russian federation TRGames #5 ZOMBIE ESCAPE Umbrella corp
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Address  [Connect now]
Players 20/65 Players
Map ze_surf_danger_p2, 00:16:43 hours
Updated 23. Jul 2018 17:30:57
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Russian federation WanTapSquad Pyro ◣_◢7:100:15:55181,018-
2Russian federation BT-72740:001:54:15-23,492-
3Kazakstan Young Kazah Scelio ❤ T0:000:07:5451,023-
4Russian federation ExperT0:001:52:52501,118-
5Kazakstan DA 3D Relax 0:000:09:09-1,307-
6Russian federation K O U V E O0:000:10:28-1,060-
7Ukraine UK Winers AcEikzZ0:101:12:35191,185-
8Russian federation JanDi0:000:43:17-1,313-
9Russian federation Victorius ЧЛЕНОЗАВОР 20000:000:24:18-1,447-
10Hungary DEAD RED Bravo10:000:14:58-992-
11Russian federation lalnik0:000:07:20-998-
12Russian federation Error_Sans0:000:44:23-1,106-
13Kazakstan StaRе4кИ Валерий Жмышенко0:001:17:59561,324-
14Russian federation sony0:000:26:309990-
15Russian federation ViP-------=-0:000:25:18101,004-
1Russian federation [ОХОТA] Dadal_Vay4:100:07:31111,151-
2Russian federation AnimeGhetto Sebman4:000:56:13714,008-
3Kazakstan lil-jeep2:000:29:25313,158-
4Spain Murdok2:000:30:20131,023-
5Kazakstan ™™К2™™1:001:29:07-1,476-
6Ukraine Victoriuos Ничего себе1:000:00:4624,020-
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