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Russian federation Заходи-Не Бойся, Выходи-Не Плачь!
Game Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6
Address  [Connect now]
Players 32/32 Players
Map de_berzerker, 00:04:40 hours
Updated 29. Apr 2017 19:34:22
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Kazakstan HePBHbIu10:100:04:42397,024-
2Russian federation [team pro]***champ***7:200:04:43187,901-
3Belarus [team pro]***Snar***6:500:04:41-4,917-
4Russian federation Statistic6:300:04:40472,642-
5Russian federation [team pro]***y6uBaToP***4:300:04:4174,204-
6Russian federation Swiper, no swiping !4:100:03:37403,347-
7Uzbekistan UzB3:300:04:3661,107-
8Russian federation XAHA3:300:04:41242,243-
9Russian federation T-MS | Player2:100:04:4071,001-
10Belarus Sharnaya apel'sinka :32:100:04:3383,770-
11Russian federation T-MS | I Love Razer2:500:04:4220976-
12Russian federation N F S1:000:04:42251,221-
13Russian federation ***[ -DOG- ]***markel[off]~1:000:01:4043,819-
14Ukraine BOLGAR0:000:01:4321,811-
15Russian federation diman admin0:000:01:5121,002-
1Russian federation KoTuK*15:200:04:43547,713-
2Russian federation ss8:200:04:42244,999-
3Russian federation let4ik4:600:04:43-4,353-
4Russian federation grom513:400:04:40-4,201-
5Russian federation M3 >> dr1ft Power <<3:400:04:42-5,501-
6Russian federation самат2:500:04:42-3,240-
7Russian federation CHUPA2:500:04:27-2,877-
8Russian federation KoJI9!1:600:04:38-5,162-
9Latvia T-MS | Player1:500:04:40-991-
10Russian federation Volka lesom ne pugnesh0:500:04:39-1,378-
11Russian federation [gs-m] killer0:200:03:34-994-
12Russian federation T-MS | Player0:500:04:40-989-
13Russian federation Mars0:200:03:11-3,329-
14Russian federation Sweetie*0:300:04:43-4,204-
15Russian federation unb0:500:04:40-1,040-
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