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Germany #16 | 2Fort
Game Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2
Address  [Connect now]
Players 17/24 Players
Map ctf_2fort ctf_2fort, 18:06:31 hours
Updated 21. Sep 2018 23:35:11
 #  Name  Frags  Time  +/-  Skill  Global Position
1Sweden voffer5:201:18:3933256,7413,296
2Denmark Sam Wolf ™5:500:21:03661,5436,592
3France °LFF°Rice4:003:15:136465,7862,662
4Germany กล้วยแม่เร�2:200:04:1331,00364,606
5Netherlands Jellybean1:100:20:35144,96110,101
6United states kt84251:400:03:03-99623,702
7Finland pesonto[FIN]1:100:21:35383,16226,064
8United states R A G E1:200:03:2011,46454,347
9Sweden kebabenful0:001:09:55717,5618,409
 Team Blue20:1706:57:36-9,246-
1Italy Bojack2:000:38:466810,4421,382
2France Lapino2:100:10:42-3,4405,736
3Bulgaria priest2:100:38:101007,3281,473
4Algeria FROYO morire come un negro1:000:17:43268,0945,979
5Denmark Sly0:301:57:36-4,47448,313
6United states Pops34930:000:11:3471,00748,826
7Finland Clarence0:001:19:29202347,5194,490
8Denmark Qiep0:101:15:3051057,9434,384
 Team Red7:606:29:30-55,031-
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